01.James Smith & Sons

"James Smith & Sons is a traditional umbrella store, founded in 1830. With a facade that has hardly changed, entering this quaint old shop is like stepping back in time. I hear that Smith & Sons still manufacture umbrellas using the same techniques as their predecessors in the 19th century. They remember my name every time I visit."


"Ruffians is a barber shop and store, specialising in male grooming. This place brings a touch of the Highlands to London, offering Tunnocks teacakes to all clients before a top notch trim. Getting a taste of home is a special experience for me in London, and that’s exactly what I get whenever I visit Ruffians."

03.Linda Farrow

"Linda Farrow is a luxury eyewear specialist. The glasses and sunglasses are unique designs based on the archive of vintage sunglasses found in the family’s London warehouse. This means I am safe in the knowledge that it’s highly unlikely to see someone else wearing the same frames as me."

04.The Conduit Coffee House

"The Conduit Coffee House is a family run coffee shop located in the heart of London, which has retained its charm and authenticity from when it was founded in 1983. It’s mainly locals that frequent it, and whenever I visit I feel more like family than a customer."


"Filson is a retailer which sells outdoor clothing, travel bags & watches. They have a restoration department that restores bags that are decades old and sells them exclusively in-store. Not only can I pick up something totally unique, but it also means I can shop their new range with confidence, as every product I buy can be repaired in store, meaning it will last a lifetime."

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