We know we are a nation of dog lovers, with many owners only wanting the best for their beloved pooches. As a result, small businesses up and down the country have been prospering through our love for ‘man’s best friend’ with American Express research showing that each year, we spend £10.64 billion on our four legged friends.

One of the small businesses seeing growth as a result of the boom includes The Sudbury Dog Company based in Suffolk. The business was started in 2012 and while it originally started offering dog training and pet supplies, it has since branched out to offer a range of services including dog birthday parties.

Owner, Genevieve Parsons says: “We are a family run business with the welfare of dogs at its heart and we offer a number of services that help dogs to be happy, confident and sociable – from puppy socialisation classes and training to dog birthday parties. As a small business, we have the opportunity to be nimble and offer programmes which really make a difference to pets and their owners’ lives.”

Another businesses that has seen success is Hair of the Dog based in Highgate, London which is a specialist grooming salon and concept boutique. As Manager Holly Johnson explains:

“One of the benefits of being a small business is that we can talk to our customers on a daily basis, ensuring that we’re constantly up to date with what they need so we can offer the best service and products for happy, healthy pets. We’re also able to source unique products which aren’t readily available on the high street, giving local pet owners a reason to come to us.”

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